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Free computer Pickup and Delivery Within 15 Miles of Cass County Computer Repair

Elmwood Nebraska is Within the Free Pickup Area.

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Elmwood Nebraska Computer Repair Shop

My computer repair shop is located just five miles from Elmwood NE. I offer free pickup of your broken PC and free delivery of your repaired PC if you live within a fifteen mile radius of my shop.
You will have no more hassles with unhooking your computer and carrying it to your car - or hooking it back up again. I can (and will) pick up your PC at a time of your choosing to simplify your life. I am available most of the time, even after work in the evening to pickup and deliver.

Computer Repair Services Offered to my Elmwood NE Customers

Software and Virus Problems

Virus infections and malware or spyware are the most prevalent problems in computing today. If you are on the internet, you will have problems - the only question is: "When will it happen?" New viruses are put on the internet everyday.

I make every effort to save you invaluable data. The first part of the process of removing viruses and other malicious software from your computer that is performed in my shop is making a copy of your documents, photos, email contacts, and financial program data. I will never simply format your hard drive and reinstall the operating system without making every effort to save your data.

The "big box" stores have devel;oped a reputation for large charges to do a simple format and reinstallation of the operating system because they can't figure out how to remove a virus. THEN, they blame their customers for the data loss - "You should have backed it up!" That will NOT happen in my shop.

A standard part of my procedure for my customers in Elmwood is "PC optimization". I check to see what programs are running on your computer at all times and turn off un-needed hidden programs that are started every time your operating system starts. Most software manufacturers assume you want their program to be running all the time for "easy access". In the real world, most of them do not need to be running full time - and a result of all these hidden programs is that your computer gets slower and slower. All of the resources are being used to run programs that don't need to be running.

Hardware Repairs

Cass County Computer Repair can fix almost any hardware problem your computer might have. I offer repair services for all makes and models of computers - both desktop and laptops. My shop will fix any hardware failure you might encounter. I replace motherboards (the main circuit board) and also have the ability to repair and/or replace components of the motherboard itself if your PC's motherboard is irreplaceable for lack of replacement parts.

Cass County Computer Repair can diagnose and replace a CPU, find faulty memory modules, install replacement power supplies, fix a cracked laptop screen and almost all other hardware problems your computer may experience.

Hardware Upgrades

Often it seems that your computer just is not "what it used to be" when trying to run newer programs and games, or are checking out a media intensive website. I can upgrade most computers to perform better with some hardware additions. I will advise you on the most economical way to upgrade your hardware. If it is just not practical to upgrade your computer, I will tell you that too, no matter where you choose to buy a replacement PC.

Adding RAM memory modules is a big boost to every computer - in my opinion there is no such thing as "too much RAM". RAM is where computers store data being used by the programs that are running on your PC. If there is not enough RAM in your system, the computer will use a space on the hard drive ( the "swap file") to store this data - and RAM is hundreds of times faster to access data from than a hard drive is.

Newer games are graphics intensive and often consume more resources than an older PC is equipped to deal with. This can result in "choppy" video / graphics performance and a jerky screen display. If you bought a newer monitor for your older PC, the graphics card in the older machine might not support your new display's resolution - resulting in a grainy jagged appearing picture. A new graphics card can resolve these issues.

A sidenote: On desktops with a graphics card integrated into the motherboard, I always suggest that my customers put in a "add on" video card, so if the "onboard graphics" fails, the computer will not become unuseable. Some settings need to be changed to install a add on graphics card, and when the onboard graphics fails, there is no way to change those settings, because you can't see the settings on a blank display.

Data Recovery Services for my Elmwood Customers

Has your Windows® personal computer crashed and made it impossible to retrieve your documents and photgraphs? Did a "big box" store reinstall the operating system with no regard for your precious data? Cass County Computer Repair can help.

My policy for data recovery is simple - if I cannot get any data back for you, there is no charge.

Hard drives that have mechanically failed are often beyond my ability to retrieve data from - I can suggest prefessional data recovery services to you if that is the case. Most other problems I can work around and get your documents back to you.

The key to successful data recovery is to get the computer into my shop as soon as possible..preferrably without ever starting it. Your computer uses the same space on your hard drive over and over. The more times data is over-written, the more difficult (and unsuccessful) the data retrieval process becomes.

I can also retrieve photos and documents from USB storage devices (thumb drives) and most digital camera cards. Bring it to me as soon as possible and I will do my best to get your data back.

Website Design and Hosting for Elmwood NE Businesses and Organizations

I offer web design and hosting services for my customers in Elmwood. I can build your business a simple one page website or a showcase of your products for your customers to admire. Today's "Yellow Pages" are on the internet. All businesses need to have their company or organization represented on the internet so they have another chance to gain the attention of their potential customers.

Cass County Computer Repair provides reasonable rates for both design and hosting of your companies internet pages.

I have expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to boost your companies placement in search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and many smaller search engines. The higher your "page ranking" the closer to the top of the search engine results pages your web site will be placed. The closer to the top of the search results your company is - the more "clicks" your website will receive.

Another service I offer is submission of your site and business to "business directory" websites.

Cass County Computer Repair's Objectives for Our Elmwood Customers

It is my aim to make CCCR "The Place" to take your computer when it needs work done to it. I am a lifelong resident of the Elmwood Nebraska area, and I intend to live here for the rest of my life. My shop's, and my personal reputation, is of primary importance to me. I take pride in providing courteous small town service, and prompt professionalism.